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Re: smtp;550 Denied by policy

dear Sembee,

if what you said are right then how can more than 200 users send new e-mail out said the company.. the problem only related to one or two user.

Today I made a test:
1- I let the user login to ” OWA – Outlook Web Access”
2- send e-mails from his contact list

what I notices that he can send e-mails without having the “SMTP” message. However, when he try to send from MS outlook he got the “SMTP” message..

it is really strange..

I was thinking that may be Groupshield has to do something in blocking but when the user can send from his OWA then their is no problem in the groupshield.

Also, I try to access the and I got this message
WARNING: You are using a web proxy that is currently being abused by malware. Please go here for more details. The web proxy IP is ********.