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Re: Smart Phones for purely business use?

Virtual;247682 wrote:
The preferred Company phone seems to be Blackberries still. I tend to prefer an iPhone and by using the iPhone Configuration Utility in conjunction with Exchange, you can move towards locking them down.

We have HTC phones running Android and Windows 7 and if anything, most of the users want to go back to a Nokia Smartphone. They drain battery quicker if not configured correctly and seem to crash more than other phones.

I believe that’s mainly due to brand recognition. Blackberry is synonymous with corporate email. That said Blackberry is miles behind the curve with a product that is A) overtly complex with software that lacks natural intuitiveness B) low on ROI C) costly to maintain and implement, and D) functionally inept handsets when compared with its peers.
Blackberry are loosing a huge amount of traction in the enterprise and their performance and dropping share price compliment this downward trend.

Im currently consulting for a global Enterprise who have BES/Good/MDM/ and EAS support. The business is seriously considering dropping Blackberry despite and impending upgrade being one of our project deliverables.

It’s very easy to poke holes in any solution but the reality is only EAS and Good in my opinion offer the best handset support across all platforms and OS’s. Naturally there are area’s for improvement and no solution is complete. Blackberry’s era of dominance is drawing to a close. The market evolved. Blackberry did not.