Re: small business server 4.5


Re: SBS 4.5

yuval14 wrote:
Please include the following information to your manager:

SBS 4.5 Arent support by MS and have security problems.
The installation time and support will cost more then new
SBS 2003.
The price of SBS 2003 is ~450$, and each license cost like
The new server may not fuction as useal due the fact the
SBS 4.5 arent support new hardware usually.
Altough there option to move from hardware to new hardware –
this will require time, downtime and technical support.

I agree that your manager does not understand the ramifications of not moving to a current product. Tell him that NT 4 is dead, you will not find new hardware with drivers that work on NT 4, there is noone to call to help you, and you are wasting your time since the move to a new server is pretty easy. I know, I have done a few.

Explain to him these facts in writing and have him sign off on it. If he has any training in risk management he will see his error and make the purchase.

I do want to make a correction in that you should not be using a $450 server. Rather, it will cost about $1500. Make sure you have 1 GB of RAM, a decent tape drive (vs80 or vs160), a RAID system (ATA or SCSI depending on company size), and good antivirus for Exchange.

If you have a small number of users (less than 15 with slow growth potential) then use RAID 1. Why? Because you can use a wonderful feature of RAID 1 to test your security updates. Pull one drive, perform update, reboot, if all is good (no BSOD and tests OK) then reinsert the mirrored drive. Additionally, with a singe drive you can easily image the server every quarter to an external firewire drive for disaster recovery purposes.