Re: SBS 2003 Standard to SBS 2003 Premium


Re: SBS 2003 Standard to SBS 2003 Premium

OK i have realised that i wrote a bush of rubbish there. Of course I will have to do the data transfer myself.

The only question I have is how to install the SQL server without messing up the SQL EXPRESS installation which is currently on the server. I guess what I need to do is to back up the data, then close somehow uninstall SQL EXPRESS. Once that worked then install the new sql server from the premium edition and then restore the data which i backed up.

Now is it really that simple?? I have my doubts. Is it even possible to uninstall SQL EXPRESS on its own? Or is it maybe even possible just to install the new SQL server parralel to the existing one and just not use the express one?

Anyone got some answers?