Re: Prevent acces to internet via Server?


Re: Prevent acces to internet via Server?

PaulH;96238 wrote:
No, you are not asking too much. I have given you the answer, so why don’t you try what has been suggested? And no, it was not obvious that you had two SBS2003 setups.

My apologies that it wasn’t obvious – hence my clarification – though I clearly still haven’t made this totally clear. I don’t have two SBS 2003 setups. I have some sites running Windows 2003 Server (with an external proxy) and another site with SBS 2003. It i sthe SBS site I’m trying to get to work with an external Proxy (the Server 2003 sites are fine)

PaulH;96238 wrote:
As a matter of fact, the answer works because I had a little spare time on Saturday morning and was building up a SBS 2003 box, so I thought I would run that little experiment (with a proxy server) and by removing the gateway and forwarders, I could cut all the client PCs off the web then, by configuring the proxy settings correctly, I could enable SBS2003 and PC2 to browse fine. Problem solved, I think.

You, Paul, are a star and I greatly appreciate the time you have spent on this. As I said last week I WILL be trying this solution this week – but you beat me to it.

It still doesn’t alter the fact that with Windows Server 2003 I do NOT need to remove the DNS functionality from the server (if fact the Proxy server even references it).

It’s one of the problems of being a pedant that I want to understand what’s going on – and not simply blindly accept a solution which works. I really wasn’t picking a fight!

Thanks again for you assistance.