Re: Prevent acces to internet via Server?


Re: Prevent acces to internet via Server?

Hi Again Guys,

I don’t think your parallel with clients/solutions/hands being tied is entirely fair. I look after a numbers of sites each with a Windows 2003 Server (or more) and a third party proxy. Workstations access the internet via the proxy as does the server. I can control which workstations or users access the internet using management controls on the proxy. The Windows 2003 server is used as the DNS server.

All I want to do is set up the same but with SBS instead of WIndows 2003.

To put it another way, SBS offers Windows 2003 + loads of other features, A, B, C, D etc. I simply want to disable one of those features. ie I’m NOT looking to do
anything “extra” – to do anything SBS wasn’t designed to do.

Paul – whilst I understand your suggestion (a) on the Win 2003 Server scenarios above the NIC Gateway isset to the proxy ANF forwarders are set. If a workstation’s gateway is the server, internet requests aren’t serviced. (b) If I remove the gateway from from the server then surely the server itself won’t be able to access the internet?

It is not always reasonable to remove administrative rights from users’ workstations or make them members of the domain. The workstations do not necessarily belong to the company (imagine schools/colleges). As stated before they only need access to each other and to the proxy server.

If you still think what I’m trying to do is unreasonable, please let me know exactly what is unreasonable and/or why. I’m not looking for a fight and I’m certainly not into bashing SBS or Microsoft, I genuinely want to know why.

Thanks all for your time.