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Thank you both for your info :beer:

I have contacted APC and they advised the use of Powerchute Network Shutdown as well, Cruachan. I am working on getting that installed on all machines.

?? I am under the impression that I manage this from the webpage interface. I get to this by typing the IP address of the UPS, Am i correct??

I had success resetting the locked UPS by holding the reset button for 20-30 seconds. After that I used hyperterminal to set the IP address. APC Support walked me through it.

Biggles, Yes these are a bit old, I have recently replaced the battery in one of them, and expect to have to do the same not too far from now.

As for the switch on the 3rd (dumb)UPS, We do have it like that 8) Great minds think alike.

I Appreciate all the info and advice, please keep it coming.