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Re: OMA: Some users sync, some don’t!

The problem IS inside of the users data within the mailbox. I can get the phone to sync without issue so long as i delete the entire contents of the mailbox (not the mailbox itself) and only create new stuff from this point on. For example…

-delete contacts and import back in from .csv or .pst, no sync
-delete contacts and just manually recreate them, syncs just fine.

-delete email and import back in from .pst, no sync
-delete email and just let new stuff arrive, syncs just fine

same for tasks and calendar.

So, now I am wondering how to take control back of the old mailbox data. Is there a way to take ownership like you would an object in AD? Could there be a logfile somewhere that keeps track of all things sync’d so that when the phone connects and says “check folders for changes” it is actually reading a file that tells it what has changed since the last sync so that it knows what to pull…..maybe this file is corrupt???

And just for good measures, I have to add that….all the data (users mailbox contents) are very usable and editable via Outlook client and Outlook web access. It is only the activesync OVER THE AIR!!! interface that seems to choking on existing mailbox contents. ActiveSync connected via usb works just fine! :shock: