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Re: New Server, same name and domain, now logon problems

Bio Bob;152528 wrote:

Will I need to returne to workstation, then domain again to join the computer to new AD, if so will I lose the current profile setup etc.

You need to demote your client computers to a workgroup using the local administrator logon credentials and then join them to the new AD domain using the credentials of a Domain Admin. The computer objects you have created in the new domain will have a different GUID than the old one.

Backup your profiles first of all. You are best re-creating them as there will be security principles present that are unique to the old domain that may cause issues.

could I copy the computers from AD on old server

You can using ADMT but in your case, as you have already completed a lot of processes manually, you may as well do my above recommendation. ADMT would have allowed you to migrate all the old domain data over to the new but you would also need to setup trusts. I’m not an SBS expert, so are unsure if it can be used for an SBS domain.

In fact, swing migration would have probably assisted you.

I also have the exchange running in recovery, I have deleted exchange profile and readded on one machine ok, but just worried about losing local cached email, is this the correct way to do this?

This will be due to the clients not being connected to your current domain. As long as you backup the local Cache to PSTs, sounds like you have, you won’t loose anything. I would also recommend backing up existing profiles, deleting them and have them be re-created when users logon to the new domain.

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