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gigabyte;251759 wrote:
Gigabyte signing in for the first time, I am grateful to have found this forum it has been a very interesting read, and I have barely scratched the surface.

About myself, lets see, I am an OLD FART, and feeling older every day, I do not have any current certifications, my expertise is all on the job. I do not consider myself an expert by any means but I am quite knowledgable with PC based systems, and the main stream MS operating systems. I have been involved in IT work for almost 30 years so I have followed much of the development of the hardware and software in general use. I actually cut my teeth with CPM if anyone remembers that OS from the early 80’s – see I told you I have been around.

I currently support approx 50 business users and maintain a dozen servers and all of the associated printers, mobile devices, network infrastructure, and deal with the “Stupid User Tricks” – they never stop amazing me in how they can mess up a perfectly good laptop so bad in so short a time.

I am also late deafened and use a Cochlear Implant (a VERY AMAZING piece of technology) to help me hear, without that I would not be able to function porperly in my job and continue with the career I really love. I am very active in supporting Candidates of Implants and my IT background and experience has helped with that very much, I can truly say I have a computer Implanted in my head, I am not the 6 million Dollar Man, by any means.

I do travel a great deal in my job so accessing forums is not always possible, but I hope to check in as often as I can and if possible assist with some of my expereince from my time in the trenches.

Mike “Ears Hopin” P

Quite a compelling story! Nice to have you here. SMB environments can often supply you with more challenge than the biggest enterprises in the world. =)