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Re: New members, wanna say hi? This is the place!

weebeast;157359 wrote:
What’s up forums? Glad to be a member.

::looks up:: The sky is what’s up… although it’s not much to look at in Ohio at the moment. Glad to have you as a member. :)

ggarro;157372 wrote:
Hello everyone. I am a Network Admin for a midsize office and any tine I an stuck I look here first.

How midsized is your definition of midsize? That could be 50 users for some people and 2000 for others. :) Welcome aboard.

Neilt009;157386 wrote:
I started playing with a new Vista machine, tried to modify parental controls, was told i am not an admin. I thought Excuse me?! Turns out Vista may be funkier than I thought. But outta be interesting.

Vista has some funk… but it’s not bad when you get to know it (actually, that sounds frighteningly similar to the way people describe me :| ). Stick around and I’m sure you’ll learn to unfunkify Vista and plenty of other technologies as well. :)

MENASH;157465 wrote:
HI everyone

I am a new system admin in a little company

cool and interesting job

Being a SysAdmin for a little company usually involves many other disciplines like help desk, developer, web designer, drywaller, pest control, electrician, plumber, painter and psychologist. :) Petri doesn’t yet have a psychology forum, but I hold out hope for one day. Welcome! :)