Re: Network Printer/Scanner – Scan to Folder


Re: Network Printer/Scanner – Scan to Folder

I appreciate the time and effort to direct me in the correct direction, WullieB. However i couldn’t get far from that link.

I used our good friend Google :)

I worked my way through different drivers and utilities and found myself on the Commuications Utility.

This allowed me to connect to the printer, and the utility takes care of putting your address on the printer. You set where you want the file to go, and if you want a notification.

After setting these, I just go to the scan option on the printer, and click the down arrow until i get to my IP x.x.x.63.
Then hit start and it scans and sends the file to the destination folder.

In conclusion, the Communication Utility, from panasonics business downloads section, is a very easy to use and configure utility to send scans to a folder on your computer or network.

Hope this helps :)