Re: need advice for RAID configuration


Re: need advice for RAID configuration

you say:
RAID 10 can lose a whole mirror or drives within one mirror, but if it loses drives in each mirror, it is f***ed —(FAILED )—-

I want to clarify that because I see it as follow (correct me)
Let say we take 4 drives – 1,2,3,4.
two Raid 1 are created:
Logical drive 1 – drive 1 and 2
Logical drive 2 – drive 3 and 4

Then L1 and L2 are striped – Raid 0 applied. The first action was mirroring – R1, the second was striping – R0 . R1+R0= R10
Now, I look at logical drive as a physical disk. If 1 physical fails in R0 – the END…

But I can lose one drive in each mirror, regardless number of mirrors.

And I just note that you present Raid 10 of 6 drives as 3+3. I see it as 3×2. That is why it brings some confusion to me.

3+3 looks for me like Raid 0+1, where you first create a two striped (R0) sets – 3 disks in each and then mirror them (R1). So it will be R0+1 and not R1+0