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Re: migrate SBS 2003 to standard windows server 2003 environment

rajeevsharma;154077 wrote:
one more thing i want to ask is that
Do we have only this option available.

I was thinking of installing DNS and ad on new server and integrating with current ad evironment on SBS2003 but not sure how that will work.

can you suggest some thing.

Yes, add the second server as a DC in to the SBS domain. That is what I did. In fact, quick summary of what I did.

Used ADPREP and DOMAINPREP from the w2k3 Standard R2 CD to prepare he forest and domain, so I could join it the SBS domain. (if I remember correctly, it was on the 2nd CD)

Installed DNS (DNS was AD integrated, so nothing much to do with that)

Made it a GC.

Left it as it was for a week. ( I was also backing up System State before changing each time)

A week later.

Set DHCP to 1 day of lease on the SBS box.

Overnight, disabled DHCP Server on the SBS server and added DHCP on the 2nd DC and authorised it in AD. Made sure the DHCP scope options for DNS were just pointing to the 2nd DC.

Left that for the next day.

That night,out of hours, backed up the Exchange IS using NTBACKUP. Backed up system state of SBS box. Powered off the 2nd DC.

Started the transition of SBS 2003 to w2k3 R2 Standard using the transition disk.

There are clear instructions that come with the software with regards to guidelines. I followed them all. I would also recommend you make sure you install the ‘recovery console’ as well, so you don’t need to use the CD to boot to it, just in case. It will reboot a couple of times during transition.

Mine then Blue Screened and we couldn’t get in to it.

So I seized the roles on to the 2nd DC. Removed all the metadata of the SBS box, DNS srv records and AD Sites and Services entries.

I installed 2 new HDDs in to the SBS box, as I was replacing them.

Reinstalled with w2k3 Standard R2 (disks came with the transition pack anyway and license key)

Installed Exchange 2003 and fully updated everything.

I then realised I hadn’t backed up the Exchange IS, so my backup was 24 hours old and people had been using email that day. :-(

So I got a device to allow me to plug the old HDD to a USB port and copied the Exchange database and log files off it and on to the 2nd DC (now with all FSMO roles)

Mounted the database after some tweaking of permissions and then used some eseutil commands to effectively repair the database and replay log files.

Everything restored.

User’s weren’t effected as I made sure I called the old SBS box by the same name, so Outlook clients would map as normal.

Not one user complained and was a good experience as now I can cope with anything.

Basically, be prepared. Hopefully, you won’t have to go through this and the transition will be a success. :-)