Re: Mapped drive frequent disconnection


Re: Mapped drive frequent disconnection

Check to make sure that the Backup device is not attempting to do anything on those mapped drives. It could be something as simple as the backup software is unmounting it, if its attempting to do on access backups.

Does the connection drop when coping files from a network share, not a mapped drive (not quite sure if that is what you ment by your 2nd line).

I just want to see if we can isolate the problem to being a mapped share on the 2008 box, or if it could be a problem with the 2008 network connection.

Also, I am going to assume that you have checked the health of the 2008 server to make sure there are no bottle necks that would be stopping this (Like hard drive, Network?).

Other then that, nothing jumps out of my head, so I will do abit of googling and see what I can find.