Re: logged in users


Re: logged in users

I can think of two things that might be helpful.

First, you could do a query of Active Directory users and filter the returns based on the last logon time. Anyone who last logged on in the previous few hours might be assumed to still be on. Of course, that isn’t entirely logical but if you’re only after a generalized set of information then it might suffice. You would use Somarsoft’s DumpSec tool to do this (along with some spreadsheet formatting).

Second, if you want to view who is actually logged on to your computers you would need to use a tool like cconnect or psloggedon to scan each computer in your fleet. Read this thread and take special note of the third post:

I modified cconnect and use it to track thousands of current domain users. I
use a web based GUI to see and graph user load also…

EDIT: Apparently “LimitLogon” is cconnect’s newer replacement.