Re: Implications of number of AD users

wkasdo wrote:
I think the database might just barely fit. My guesstimate of 10 GB might easily turn out to be 20 or so, especially if you will add groups and the likes.

No way that this machine will support 10,000 concurrent users, IMHO. Low on diskspace, no separate spindles for the DB and the logfiles, etc. This machine might do for a proof of concept, but not for production.

I work in one company that have more than 50.000 users, 10.000 groups and 100.000 computer accounts. Yup. Have 22 different sites and a lot of more objects.
We have two domain controller per site. Each one have 4 x 36GB array disk each, 2gb ram.
Works fine.
Don’t tell me that please…
The database is no more than 15GB