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Sembee;48218 wrote:
Have you restarted the SMTP service since removing that application?
If not, drop in to a command prompt and type


and press enter

Then restart the SMTP Service.

Check whether IMF is enabled then.


Inbound messages are not being filtered by Exchange’s Intelligent Message Filter (IMF).
I followed these instructions:
Configuring Exchange for Use With the SMTP Gateway

Which of the following instruction numbers would have affected the IMF?

I tried resetting iisreset, but nothing. I went into the Exchange System Manager and I stopped the Default SMTP Virtual Server and then started it back up again. I did not go into Services and re-started Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP), because it would freeze and I would have to re-boot the server.

You mentioned to check whether IMF is enabled. How do I check if IMF is enabled?

How do really re-start the complete exchange server without re-booting the PC?