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Re: I need to fake out current OS w/SP-3(RC) to try and put the final SP-3 release on


biggles77;113800 wrote:
Nullone, please post your problem again but this time leave out the anti Microsoft rhetoric so we can understand what you are trying to say.

Also, please use a CAPITAL letter after a fullstop (period . ) that would also help decipher your problem. This is to make it easier for us to help you with your problem. Thank you. (Paragraphs are also useful in helping to make a post clearer)

My apologies Sir. I am a professional as much as the next individual. I also always have a hard time “reading” others, as this is a computer forum, and we are on the Internet; I did use the appropriate Formal grammar in that sense. .. My sentiments for Microsoft were indeed rude and inappropriate but are sadly true, as my experience within their scope began with Mr.Gates and his original partners in a garage; so I can become frustrated.

The issue I have is with Microsoft’s legally distributed 32-bit XP SP-2 Version 2002 Copyrighted in 2004. The original build was derived from the following Microsoft source:

Windows XP Professional
English (United States)
Service Pack: 2
Version: 5.1.2600.2180

After we spent several months deploying all of the IT infrastructure based on the lack of SP-3, the “old fashion” way, and were dong very well. I had an issue with RAM; that being a lack there-of, and ended up starting over based on Microsoft’s recommendations. While they were incorrect, I forged ahead once more for about the same amount of time with the very first SP-3 (RC) that Microsoft had provided for us to test for them without informing us that we were not to be updated with the patches and such through the process until the release date.

Due to this we are now “stuck” with the flawed original source (XP SP-3(RC) ) that we helped them to patch. I am at a point now that I believe I cannot waste anymore of our time and resources with their issues, and will be debugging and fixing their problems for ourselves.

I suppose my post’s title is not really on target any further, as I think the question is beginning to look a little bit differently to us. Now I am more looking for opinions on the value and worth of the final SP-3 release as time has run out to start again on this deal. We have a current Version number of 3264. I really have no way to know if there will be more or less conflicts with the final release than what we have now. Much time has been spent debugging their OS the hard way already. I was hoping to be able to install SP-3 on top of what we have, but due to the package we are stuck with a double click install is impossible…

Microsoft wanted to tell us that it could be done if we would commit to compromising mission critical data as well as our own and our client’s intellectual property. We have a legal obligation to our client base not to do so; just as Microsoft has to their OS (meaning they would not like us to be using their OS for free, as piracy IS illegal.)

From a cursory look, it does not appear very difficult to go forward and force the install of the final release, but I do not know if it is prudent anymore. Does anyone have any experience with very robust hardware “workstations” for audio and video production what the “bug benefit” factor is from the first (RC) version to their current release? Basically what we have here is an extremely robust server infrastructure running as our main workstation. I hope this is of help and both more descriptive and “professional” in understanding the situation that we are facing.

I sincerely would appreciate any opinions, or insights anyone might have on this matter at the current time. Thank you very much.

Warm regards,