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Retaliator;63117 wrote:
Hi All,

the problem is the subnet mask is incorrect and it’s, and IP is correct and the DEF GW is wrong.. what i need to change is the DEF GW because i need to configure that printer to work on another segment..
Last option is to RESET the settings, but if it does not work i will do it..

Telnet right now does not work, and i will try the cross cable thing maybe with a laptop, but that will take too much time ;-) and maybe a reset is better,
i tried with WEB admin it find the printer, the IP and all, but the CHANGE subnet mask or DG does not work..


Ok here is how I look at it. How long have you spent trying to fix this? If you have been working on it for more than 30 min you have spent way to much time. Instead of you just reset and reconfigure it, you will save lots of time by reconfiguring it in 5 to 10 min.

I am sorry but I believe time is money and if my tech is going to spend 2 days trying to work on something that could have been fixed by resetting the device in 10 min I would certainly have a talk with them. But that is just me.