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ahinson wrote:
This won’t deny them from saving to the desktop, you’d need to alter the permissions on the folder in order to do that. That can be done with a logon script if you wish.

I did modify the desktop permission through log on script. It works…Yay…the user can’t save anything to the desktop. Happy? Not yet

I log off, log on with that same user and it gives me error msg saying that it can’t copy the profile from the server :(. I hit OK and it returns me back to the log on screen. I log on again and it let me.

Error msg was “windows can’t copy the “\blahdesktop” to “C:Docu..Desktop”.

I know that log on script uses current log on user privilege to execute the script.

So, it takes me two time to log on after I log off the workstation due to that permission problem.

And right now I can’t think of any other solution. Please advise.