Re: Hosting email & DNS


Re: Hosting email & DNS

Hi Joe,

joeqwerty;86348 wrote:
5. Delete the internal DNS records that refer to any services you are exposing from your external DNS, such as MX, CNAME, A records for ftp, www, etc. These are unneccessary for your internal clients.

Well, I thought that too, but I just realised that he is hosting his own NS records, i.e. that godaddy’s servers point to HIS server inside his building as the nameserver for his domain. As I say, a little unusual, and I would probably tend not to do it that way.

Originally, I rather assumed a more conventional setup where company ABC is the provider of his ADSL line, and company XYZ is the domain hosting company who also host all the records. But that’s not the case, as you so rightly say, and it’s even more unusual than that too!