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Re: Group Policy

AndyJG247;266073 wrote:
First suggestion would be to write a better question. After that maybe include some information to work with.
Without wanting to sound harsh it’s questions like this one that make people not want to bother to help. If you don’t think it is worth your time to write down details, testing, environment info etc then why should other people want to spend their time trying to help?

And its responses like this one that I personally dont spend much time on here anymore.
The problem is simple. I have a computer that sits on the domain that a user logs on and off everyday, but in the morning there is a policy that I use for Citrix pass-through that the user doesnt get first thing in the morning but then works fine the rest of the day. What would cause a user to not get policy when she logs in?

Now if you feel like you have to post more stupid comments like this one before please dont, for one your showing your level of intelligence and machurity, and two its a waste of my time and yours to even post comments like this one.

The question was again a simple one why would a computer not always get policy? The solution might not be as simple.