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punkysmurf;152921 wrote:
I’m new to VMware and apologize for the stupid question. I am trying to get a version of VMware that just lets me run a second OS on my pc. I am a student and heard there is a free/student version somewhere.
Also, I tried to troll the sites to find out where to get started but there was SO much info I couldn’t figure out where to go to start.
Thanks for any help and sorry again for the newbie question.

Punkysmurf – There are two free versions of VMware products out there that I am aware of, VMware Server and ESXi. VMware server if I recall requires you to be running a “server” operating sytem, basically any flavor of Windows Server 2003 or Windows Server 2008. ESXi will require server type hardware to run and there are several guides out on the net to find compatible hardware for building a “white box” system.

If you need to run something on your desktop/laptop you coud use VMware Workstation. For Workstation I believe you can download an eval copy that runs for 30 days, but then you will have to purchase a licensed copy of it. Normally it is around $200us. There maybe a student discount somewhere, but you would have to do some digging around to find out.

Hope that helps,