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Re: Exchange 2003 SP3 w/ RPC over HTTP

Thanks All,

I found the problem at yesterday. It caused by Certificate.
I forgot where I read that document from, it mentioned I should use FQDN as COMMAN NAME if I use Microsoft CA server. I un-install the CA, re-install CA, Remove pervious cert from IIS, request again for cert.

At client, I logon to http:\FQDNcertsrv ask for download a cert, install a cert, then my rpc over https work very good.

Thanks a lots for you guys help, it provided a lots of idea for me.

I got 1 outstanding question, let’s re-quote my environment:

TWO Exchange 2003 Server – EX1 and EX2 (EX2 with CA install)
TWO Windows 2003 Server – both is GC and DC

EX2 I already completed the RPC over HTTP configuration, if any mailbox located at there, it will works.

I want EX1 also able to provide RPC over HTTP funcation now, should I install CA again at EX1? or I can use EX2 CA service to provide cert?

That will be great if you can let me know what’s correct step for I enable this service at EX1. Since it’s production mail server, I don’t want to change anything before I feel confident on enable this service.

Thanks in advanced.