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The User.dat contains all kinds of registry settings and the Windows XP tour is also a registry setting.
However If you want to disable the XP tour by gpo then you have to create a custom .adm file:

orphicfireball: wrote:
Since you’ve read over that solution, I’m assuming you are familar with the process of adding an a new ADM to Group Policy. Here is the link to an ADM that will block the exact thing you are talking about:

If you have trouble reading it for some reason, here is what the contents are supposed to be:

CATEGORY Nuisances
POLICY “Disable the Windows Tour”
KEYNAME “SoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionAppletsTour”

Just a few tips to make sure you are adding the ADM right, remember that while you have the GPO editor open, right click on “Administrative Templates”, and click “Add/Remove Templates”. It should show up as a folder “Nuisances”. Note that you must change a filtering setting for the policy to become visible. Click View > Filtering, and Uncheck “Only show policy settings that can be fully managed”. Note you must do this EVERY time you open the GPO editor, there is no way to make it save this setting. So if your problem is that you cannot see the policy, but can see the folder that is why. If you are having problems making the policy apply or importing in to the editor, tell me and I can help you troubleshoot that.