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Re: Creating email mailboxes

Are you using SBS2003 or not?

I may be misunderstanding your question about POP3 but I assume you want to fetch email from POP3 accounts that are hosted by an ISP, and have email in those pop boxes waiting to be fetched in the way that Outlook Express would do, for example. You can get the email from those POP boxes and put it into your Exchange server mailboxes:

In SBS2003 there is a component called the POP3 Downloader. I can help you with that. When the POP3 downloader is setup, it will fetch emails from one or more POP boxes and deliver them to your Exchange users – it will put the POP mail that it has downoaded into their Exchange mailboxes.

The “proper” way to get email into your system (it should already be able to send email) would be to have an MX record which points to an A record which points to your router’s fixed public IP address. Make sure it is a fixed public IP first. Also your router has to open port 25 or port forward port 25 to your email server.