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Re: Cert. Paths confuse me… ?

tehcamel;161934 wrote:
The next step beyond that could be 70-646 which would make me MCITP: Server Administrator.

and it would take another 3 beyond that for MCITP:Enterprise Admin.. ?

I’m fairly certain that you would need the 70-620, 70-643 and the 70-647 PRO to then get the MCITP:EA. However, you can upgrade your MCDST to the MCITP:Enterprise Support Technician by taking the 70-621 which counts as the 70-620 for any certification that needs it (the 621 smashes the 620 and 622 together). That way you get an entire MCITP cert as well as credit towards the MCITP:EA.

Wow, so you can leave your job for a year and then come back to it… wait… you’re not in the Army reserves are you? :) No, actually I remember a little bit of your story from a month back or so.