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gforceindustries;136149 wrote:
What exactly do you mean by “menu bar that working from the Windows start menu” ?

im my comapny when client ( have 5000+ users ) install computer from my image it’s comes with menu bar that i put in the Start Menu.
this menu bar using vbs scripts to run applicaions in the compnay.
for example if a customer want to install Project2003 he just need to go to this menu bar and click on the project icon.
this click will start vbs script that know what is the network location of this application and install this to the user in silent mode.

this menu bar is update during the logon script that gives a command to go the nearset GC server and update the shortcuts and the VBB from him.

im looking for something more user frindley and more easy to maintenence.

got something >?