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The internet is down!!!!!!


I love those calls!

Thats when you say, why yes, for YOU it is. “We” turned it off down here on your computer. What websites have you been browsing lately????

What’s even better is that the last admin here left his PAYPAL, EBAY and dad’s DELL accounts and passwords in text files on his business docs fileshare, along with his address and racy pics of him and wifey. Not feeling very secure about the FBI right now. LOL

(Yes, I deleted those for him.)

Wait, wait…. you went from being a HS teacher to IT? Did you learn nothing man??? The adults are just more experienced liars, capice? *g*

I’m feeling rather magnanimous now that the boss is gone to lunch for an hour. AHHHH….

You have SONIC drive-in fast food places over there? Ever have a cherry Dr. Pepper soda pop? (think cherry COKE, but palatable)


Well DON’T. Those suckers are addictive!!

Thinking I need to slide into the truck and dart on over there. When the cat’s away, they always say! Do you think the huge 44oz plastic cup with loud red and white designs on would tip my hand to him?

Nah, I think I am safe. He dont even look my way …unless I am giggling.

We are a big happy family of me, 3 fellow minions (all underlings to me NATURALLY) and bossman all together in the raised-floor server room, gently seranaded by the merry humming of the ten racked servers. Group hug anyone?

StillAsleep Stacy