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first I appreciate your time. Strange I saw your second reply in my e-mail notif, but did not find it on actual tread…

So, I keep your notes and suggestions as a second step to try.

I am really surprised that you pointed to W10 French Canadian source. I was sure, I never saw it. It was English or French.

For fun I logged in to MS Licensing portal… and my jaw just dropped down… Yes there is French Canadian in language selection.

I guess it started with Windows 10. I think for W7 there was only French ISO.

So I am installing a new VM for capture. Will bring an update. May be it will do the trick without any additional efforts when deploying.

From the other hand during Capture sysprep screws up every manual setting (at least language related) then CS.ini should be adjusted…

We’ll see with the new installation source.

Thanks again.