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So what isn’t working?

Your KeyboardLocale doesn’t need the ” in it.

It appears that the KeyboardLocale is the same so this might also be causing a problem. Use either fr-CA or 0c0c:00001009

You also don’t need a space in it.

Have you also set these in the BootStrap.ini file? It needs to be set there as well according to the documentation.

A list of keyboard locales to be used with the target operating system. More than one keyboard locale can be specified for the target operating system. Each locale must be separated by a semicolon (;). If not specified, the Deployment Wizard uses the keyboard locale configured in the image being deployed.
Exclude this setting in USMT when backing up and restoring user state information. Otherwise, the settings in the user state information will override the values specified in the KeyboardLocale property.

For this property to function properly, it must be configured in both CustomSettings.ini and BootStrap.ini. BootStrap.ini is processed before a deployment share (which contains CustomSettings.ini) has been selected.

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