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>What is your question exactly?? Are you looking on how to configure MDT to set you region/language settings to French Canadian? I believe this is what you are doing


It is exactly what I am trying to fix …


1. this is my current entry that brings Francais Multilingual and not Francais-Canada that I need:


KeyboardLocale=”fr-ca; 0c0c:00001009″





2. the only difference with yours proposal is that I have “fr-ca;” in KeyboardLocale line.


As mentioned it not works.


3. I started the thread because in found article I see the point where the code “0c0c:00001009” corresponds to both Canadian French and Canadian Multilingual Standard:


0c0c:00000409 “French (Canada) – US”

0c0c:00001009 “French (Canada) – Canadian French”

0c0c:00011009 “French (Canada) – Canadian Multilingual Standard”


4. further I saw another language code “InputLocale=0c0c:00000409” with the explanation:


Use the following [RegionalSettings] section:







This will set “French (Canada)” as the System Locale and the User Locale. It

will also add “French (Canada) – US” as a second Input Locale. Note that

“French (Canada) – Canadian French” will be installed as the default Input

Locale once the User Locale is set to 00000c0c (provided step 1 above has

been followed).


5. Does my thinking make any sense?

here is the original article whith the explanation of the solution for Fr-CA keyboard.