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Hi Ossian,

He is using a separate internal drive for the common file area and two distinct drives for booting each OS. The system is standalone (workgroup), Asus P6X58D Premium motherboard (2010), i7-930 (2.80GHz), 18GB.

He has set up 2x removable boot drives:
1: The original 3.5″ 500GB disk with W7Pro64
2: A new 2.5″ 480GB SSD in 3.5″ caddy with W10Pro64

He has several internal (fixed) drives and it’s these he’s having problems with. On booting the system and changing the drive (after a clean shutdown) CHKDSK is triggered resulting in various IDs being ‘fixed’. He is also having permission problems with some newly created files on his internal drives.

He thinks his problems stem from using NTFS but has no experience of exFAT which might provide a solution and there are tools that can be used to format large partitions (no idea if a 3TB one can be though).

Most of that was from an email he sent me, does it provide enough info?

Will ask about the userid/password.

Thanks :)


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