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This is what you get when you use Blog software for a help Forum.

You mean a platform that unifies user accounts? One that is actively maintained and secure? One that uses the latest technologies? One that we are able to actually develop on alongside the rest of the website?

Not hosting user images is a real bad thing 

Depends on the angle you’re coming from. I agree it’s not the greatest user experience, but there are other reasons for this that we have to take into consideration.  VB hosted the images internally but because of how they did it, migrating them over without manually going through each post was impossible.  Your assumption that the location of the image file is the sole factor in the longevity of that file is not accurate.

Lack of proper Moderation tools made moderating difficult as well so after 15 years I had enough

You’re insinuating that a few weeks of learning curve and feature identification/development is the reason you didn’t want to be a moderator after 15 years?  That seems kind of misleading.

Changing the name from Freshnessto Latest was one of the minor and likely easiest to change but for 6 weeks this is still like the vegetable section in the supermarket.

Why are you assuming that your desire to change that word is enough for us to devote time to making it so on your own time-frame? That’s unfortunately not how the development process is going to be able to work around here. I do agree that I’m not sure I like that adjective but it’s really not a priority at the moment unfortunately.

You can sort of QUOTE but the couple of times that I used it I didn’t know if there was a quote or not.  More concerning is there is no CODE option that will give the scroll bars and not wrap the code entered.

This is an example of something we are actually working on right now.  I’ll let everyone know when we release an update that includes a more intuitive way to quote other posts.

If you post back again, I hope you avoid getting caught in HTML hell. 

I have not been able to replicate this. I asked you for instructions on how to do it but you never actually provided that for me. I don’t doubt it’s happening but without knowing how it’s happening it is very difficult to “fix” it.

While vB5 was not great, it was a lot more Forum friendly than this stuff now.

And a NASCAR handles better than a Civic, that doesn’t make it the right tool for the job.  There is a long list of reasons why we needed to get off that software. I shared many of the items on that list with the moderators, a conversation you were privy to.

I have had to use this account since my biggles77one has been blocked from replying to posts. I imagine this post will not last long or will the account.

You requested that account be deleted…