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Hi Daniel.  Hope you have totally recovered from your motorbike incident.

This is what you get when you use Blog software for a help Forum. This is killing the brand and the Forums IMO.  Not hosting user images is a real bad thing since the images will be dissociated from the post when the hosting site decides to shut down or charge a premium to host images and will block access to images like Photobucket did. The post then without the image will be utter nonsense and totally useless for users looking for help with the same or similar problem.

Lack of proper Moderation tools made moderating difficult as well so after 15 years I had enough.  Lack of action on getting things done was a factor as well. Changing the name from Freshness to Latest was one of the minor and likely easiest to change but for 6 weeks this is still like the vegetable section in the supermarket.

You can sort of QUOTE but the couple of times that I used it I didn’t know if there was a quote or not.  More concerning is there is no CODE option that will give the scroll bars and not wrap the code entered.

If you post back again, I hope you avoid getting caught in HTML hell. For some reason you can end up with HTML code all through the post and is a nightmare but as I said, this is Blog software and not Forum software.  While vB5 was not great, it was a lot more Forum friendly than this stuff now.

So after 19 years where Spike threatened legal action over your excellent MCSE sample tests, on MCSEWorld and Petri Knowledgebase, the only way to protest about this killing of the brand was to leave the moderation team.  I also didn’t want to be associated with the death of the brand either.  I have had to use this account since my biggles77 one has been blocked from replying to posts. I imagine this post will not last long or will the account.