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  • OK, I sorted it out. Was not as difficult as I thought, but I'd made a silly permissions error and that was causing me grief.

    What you do is set up your shared drive as needed then in the folders create shortcuts to the DFS shares and call the shortcuts whatever you want. When someone...
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  • Hi Blood.

    This is for roughly 1.5TB of data spread over 20'ish folders locally with another 10'ish different folders overseas. We're a multi-national business with a lot of data shared back and forth between offices. Much of it automated. We want to amalgamate the DFS links for that departmental...
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  • Hi Ossian.
    We have thirty other DFS folders and exposing the root will show them as well.

    Hi Blood. As I said in my OP, this will not work for me as we have multiple users who need access to multiple departments. It is what we have today and the files on that share are massive. We...
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  • Present Multiple DFS Shares In Network Folder

    Good Day,

    On our 2016 file servers we have a series of DFS shares, one for each department. We want to list these DFS shares in a networked drive so users can click on them as required. So when you open that network drive you will see something like:

    Accounts ...
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  • Thanks wullieb1. I took you code and added it to a For-Each script. When I run it I get one line with just the date. Code here, what am I missing? Thanks for the feedback guys,

    $computers = Get-Content -Path C:\Temp\VM_Lists\Computers.txt
    $txtfile = "C:\Temp\VM_Lists\comptime.txt"
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  • shadragon
    started a topic Get Current Time For All Domain Workstations

    Get Current Time For All Domain Workstations

    Is there a way to use a PS script to get the current times of all Workstations in the domain or a specific OU?

    To be clear, I don't want to sync the times, I want to see what times are set on all workstations at the time of the script execution. A simple text list will do, workstation and...
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