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  • Output mailbox displayname

    Hi All

    I am editing a script that will to automate and query a servers exchange mailbox sizes and export the results to csv file. Below command will do this but the 1st name and surbname each occupy 1 column, 1 column for john and 1 column for Doe.

    Problem is I need to sort the csv file and have the names and mailboxes align together, I can only do this with 2 columns so I need 1 Column to contain the users full name e.g. john doe.

    The command I have presently is

    WScript.Echo objExchange_Mailbox.MailboxDisplayName

    Can I get both 1st name and surname on 1 column?

    Thanks for reading


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    Re: Output mailbox displayname

    Retrieve the first name and last name of the user from AD. Use the NameTranslate object in your script to convert each 'Display Name' to the 'Distinguished Name' what is needed to bind to the user object in Active Directory with the LDAP provider.


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