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  • Request for some Scripts.

    Hi Everyone,
    I am too new to powershell scripting and we have an huge issue with our Windows SBS Server.

    Here is the story: Exchange Database got corrupt. We removed the users and one of those users was the Admin. It has been removed from Windows Users and Activer Directory users too. We have then then recreated the user.
    This led to a disaster: many files and directories have now and unknow SID as OWNER.
    I have changed them for the £document and setting directory£ using the TAKEOWN command but I want to run it on the whole system with a selective behavior:
    Those files and dirs wich have an Unknow user as owner must be changed to be owned by the Administrators GROUP, the other with a legitimate and know user or group must remain the same.

    Another script I need is one which recursively check for unkown users in the permission list for file and folders and where Unkown are found these actions should be performed: 1) Deleted Unkown user 2) Add the ADMIN user with full permission.

    Is there someone which could write these "simple" script for me ? As written these are my first steppes in this world and I am not able to do it by myself.

    Giuseppe Chillemi

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    Re: Request for some Scripts.

    Before start changing the acl on files and folders, have you tried to reanimate the deleted account in Active Directory?


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