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backup up files using powershell

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  • backup up files using powershell

    hi guys I'm new to powershell anybody know can help me I ned a script that will backup file from network shares and put them in the server on a schedule and if possible the backup will only contain the files that has been modified since the last back up. thanks

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    Re: backup up files using powershell

    I dont know why you would want to, but apperently alot of people do.... so you type it into google and it tells you how.... Do you want us to hold your hand....

    Its the first link, next time, TRY LOOKING first!
    Saves us all time

    If in asking for more details about a problem I seem to be rude, think about it this way, If I did not have to ask, I would not of been forced to be rude.

    Please assume anything and everything I say to be wrong unless I have provided links and evidence, or you have done the same.
    IE: you blow your server up following my advice, not my bad

    A OP is bad if I can go to and answer the question by pressing 4 buttons. "Ctrl +c, Ctrl +v".


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      Re: backup up files using powershell

      I tried google before but I didn't find the exact answer?