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Accessing Public Folder Client Permissions via WMI

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  • Accessing Public Folder Client Permissions via WMI

    A list of public folders that haven't been used in the last year has been compiled and we'd like to modify the Client Permissions on those folders. Due to the large number of public folders, performing this task manually is out of the question and we're working to develop a Powershell script to perform the task.

    Unfortunately, we're in an Exchange 2003 environment and accessing public folders requires the use of WMI classes as in the following example:

    get-wmiobject -namespace root\microsoftexchangeV2 -class exchange_publicfolder -computer <servername>

    The problem that we're having is that while we're able to access a public folder we can't access Client Permissions. Apparently, there is no property for Client Permissions in the WMI class Exchange_PublicFolder. A Get-Member cmdlet for the class returns the same properties listed on MSDN and there is no mention of any property for Client Permissions. Does anybody have any idea how that can be accessed and modified?