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WMI get folder created date remote machine

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  • WMI get folder created date remote machine

    Ive been going around in circles with this one
    Ive readup on WMI and trid tweaking examples online to no avail. Im using WMI as it has remoting capablities.
    I need to query the date a folder was created i tried a zillion different combinations but cant get it to work. My last attempt that demonstrates my thinking is below is below
    Get-WmiObject Win32_Directory -computername $computer -filter 'Drive="C:" and Path="\\users\$user"' | select-object creationdate
    I need to get the folder date of the user folder and then intend to round of the date then compare this with the dates of other users folders and select the oldest.
    I tried get-item etc. but I'm not aware of any PowerShell cmdlet that will let me get this info remotely.
    I'm using powershell 4

    I dnt want to tamper with the remote clients configurations so wont be using invoke-command yet.
    Let me know where im going wrong
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