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    Hi all,

    I've always found this site to be an excellent resource and have previously been able to leverage for the forums here for assistance, so I'm hoping that lightning can strike twice.

    The problem - Ive been asked to add an active directory group to our network printers and set its permission to deny. A simple job for powershell I thought until I realized just how little support Server 2008 offers for powershell + printers.

    I found the following script, which gives me close the functionality that I require on 2008, but despite my attempts to modify it to allow me to set a Deny permission on the Print ACE, I'm still stuck.
    Is this something that anybody could offer some help with? I'd greatly appreciate it.


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    I've finally managed to get something working for this problem. I used a tool called Subinacl in conjunction with Powershell. Turned to be very simple in the end.

    $printers = gc "C:\printernames.txt"

    foreach ($printer in $printers) { subinacl /printer \\servernames\$printer /deny=domain\group=p }