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Can I use the OutPut-Printer with Get-ChildItem

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  • Can I use the OutPut-Printer with Get-ChildItem

    hi all,

    I am new to powershell so please forgive is questions are "simple".

    I have been looking at powershell for the a week now and just amazed at how much I am alble to do already and the time saving that I am able to achieve.

    Can you let me know if I am able to use the Output-Printer with the Get-ChildItem
    I need to print all the file in a dir accroding to the ext and lengh so I use the following:

    Get-ChildItem x:\Dirname\*.* | OutPut-Printer

    I get the error that OutPut-Printer is not a recognized as the name of a cmdlet.

    So I tired to print the Get-Process to see if it is working
    Get-Process | OutPut-Printer - Same error message

    So I decided it is time to go back to the help.
    the Get-help OutPut-Printer told me that it Cannot find Help for topic "OutPut-Printer"

    I did a search in help using: Get-Help OutPut it it found the following:


    I am not sure but Is it ok to assume that OutPut-Printer is not a cmdlt.

    and how can I print all the files in a folder to a printer - will greatly help our migration and the clean out process.

    Thank you for your help

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    Re: Can I use the OutPut-Printer with Get-ChildItem

    ok all is done as I said I am new to powershell.
    it is Out-Printer

    we can close this one


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      Re: Can I use the OutPut-Printer with Get-ChildItem

      Good thing you managed to solve the problem already. Of course, googling powershell print will give you right up the solution.

      A Technet article has overview about Powershell commandlets. In addition, I find Sapien Press' book Powershell TFM quite a nice an introduction into Powershell and well worth of $42.