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two powershell scripts, wait command?

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  • two powershell scripts, wait command?

    Hoping someone can help,

    I have two PS scripts, I need the first one to finish before the second one begins, is this possible?
    The reason I require this is

    I am in a middle of an Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2007 tranisition.

    I have a Powershell script that moves the mailboxes to a particular message store, the problem is then I have to manually move them to a different message store.

    If I have multiple scripts, I could put the users into the correct script for that message store so it would save me manually moving them after.

    I am very much new to scripting, the only other way I thought I could do it is if I scheduled each script to run at a particular time, but that isn't ideal.

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    Re: two powershell scripts, wait command?

    Have a look at that - however, you'd need to make sure that any previous task is foreground processing, rather than running the background
    Ie, no point kicking off a mailbox move, then the other script, if the mailbox move isn't complete.

    So you'd need some way of knowing the first task is complete
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      Re: two powershell scripts, wait command?

      Invoke-expression doesn't spawn a background thread. Unless the first script spawns a background thread, you could just run both scripts form the Powershell command line using semicolon to like so:

      This way script1 will be executed and after it is done, script2 will be run.