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script to disable usb storage

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  • script to disable usb storage

    Hi, I need help in creating a login or startup script that will disable USB ports on my machines connected to our domain. Better if the script will only disable usb storage devices and will not affect other usb like kboard, printers. A prompted message will be great once a USB storage device is being attached to the machine (i.e "USB storage not allowed...etc")

    thanks in advance

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    Re: script to disable usb storage

    The forums have a search function. Can be very useful.
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      Re: script to disable usb storage

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        Re: script to disable usb storage

        Hi Again, I tried creating a vbscript to modify the value of USBSTOR and put this on a logon script... but unfortunately this will only apply if the domain user has local admin rights on his machine... my objective is to create an OU or Group that will have access to their usb drive if they are part of that OU/Group that I will create without giving them local admin rights to gain access/modify the registry.

        Please help me on what is the better way to implement this.

        regards and thanks