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Run Batch to delete Dialup Connection

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  • Run Batch to delete Dialup Connection

    I have a Sprint Merlin S620 PCMCIA card setup on my laptop (HP Pavilion dv8000, WinXP). Every time it is used, I must delete the previous Dialup connection that was used on last login, Other wise IE will not connect to a website. I've done everything possible on my own and along with calling a Sprint tech and talking with them for hours. I have Ticket open with them so, hopefully they will get rid of the issue or solve it. I'm not going into too much detail with this because I've let it go for now, but wish to just click one thing to delete the Dialup Connection in the network connections.

    Any help how I can go about removing the Dialup connection with a batch file or other script?

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    Re: Run Batch to delete Dialup Connection

    Is this a dialup connection problem or does it connect and you don't get an IP from the dialup ISP?
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      Re: Run Batch to delete Dialup Connection

      Dialup connections are typically either a *.pbk or a *.dun file

      I would recommend searching for the files with these extensions, before deleting it, and making a note of the path. You can then, if you want, write a simple batch file with a del command.

      Also worth checking is if this dial-up connection is setting itself as default in IE. Go to Tools|Internet Options within IE and select the Connections tab. Check that the radio button is selected at "Never Dial a Connection".

      Hope this helps



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        Re: Run Batch to delete Dialup Connection

        I have a similar problem with the same equipment RE: Merlin S620 Wireless Card and HP DV8000 Laptop.
        After installing the card software in the computer and restarting the computer i start the program and then slide the card in or even slide the card in and start the program to get online. The computer seems to not connect to the card. I went to device manager and found hardware conflicts in the universal controller area. It showed two yellow!!. I called sprint and they did not know and then called HP which of corse said they had a line to charge for that informatio but the computer I have is brand new and being the software in my computer was installed by them you would think they would help. Does anyone have or have had a problem like this as I have put this in my dell insperon notebook and it works fine. One person told me that i might be missing a driver from HP as i have the software disk from sprint already and used it for the install. The disk has the driver on it for the card but maybe it might be HP diver that needs to be put in? Just a thought, any answers to this very frustrating issue would be greatly appreciated.