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    Hi all on the forum,

    I've got a problem.

    Windows has a new? feature called 'manage default printers' aka location awareness.

    manually changing the default printer, reflects in this nice 'manage defeult printers' feature.

    My problem :

    using vbs (logon script) to set the default printer does not reflect in this 'feature'.

    so, if the logon script does not run (being connected to a hotspot...), default printer might be wrong .. (HR was not happy with this...)

    I've tested it out :

    running : 'NetObject.SetDefaultPrinter', changes the default printer, but not in the 'manage default printers gui'. manually doing this, does.

    So , what happened.
    -HR goes to UK (printer aware : uk printer.)
    -Hr goes back to BE (printer aware : be printer (wrong)
    -logonscript did not run at that time (i think)
    -Hr prints documents to wrong printer...... big s***
    -manually running logonscrip, fixes the default printer, but
    -looking into 'manage default printers' still shows wrong printer ....

    Did anyone see this as well ??

    Does anyone know the vbscript to also change/amend this (manage default printers) as well ??

    hope this is clear
    Help much appreciated.