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logon script to capture my docs

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  • logon script to capture my docs

    So I guess after all, Google is not my friend

    Here is the current logon script:

    net use k: "\\IP ADDRESS HIDDEN\gbh"
    K:\bginfo\BgInfo.exe K:\bginfo\Capture.bgi /accepteula /timer
    net use K: /delete

    So as you see, everytime any user login or logoffs; BgInfo captures the time and date & puts it in an excel spreadsheet.

    I'd like to also write an IF statement (or similar) so that when my 20 users log in it will use this same logon.bat file.

    I've tried :
    robocopy %userprofile%\Documents\ \\fileserver\username$ /E /R:2 /NP /XJ

    As you can see i have $ at the end of username to hide documents for all other users. On the backend on the file server, All usernames have been set up using their logon credentials (example: Doe, John would be [email protected])
    We also have an echo turned off but that is pretty simple to implement so I decided to leave it out of this forum.

    Hope i haven't confused you. The purpose of this is to save All Users My Documents to the file server for compliance & company data. USERS WILL NOT BE USING THESE FOLDERS so folder redirection is not needed.

    Thanks so much in advance.

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    Re: logon script to capture my docs

    If you can't won't use redirects to keep/use My Docs from a network file server, and you want to copy My Docs contents to shares on that server which the users can't see, am I correct in assuming you're setting up a backup system of some type?

    Why tie up everyone's login by having them wait for a full MyDocs copy each time they log in? Why not simply run a copy job after hours when the users aren't around, or at least use a LOGOFF script as part of their daily PC logoff/shutdown to do it? At least then you have a current copy of that day's work.
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