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Temporarily restricting access to a folder

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  • Temporarily restricting access to a folder

    I need help to determine the best way to accomplish this. I have a group of folders that I need to restrict access to during a certain time frame each week. I have created a security group for the users who need the part-time access to the folder and I created a domain local group to grant this group access to the folder.

    Currently one of my admins is changing the permissions and changing them back manually and I need to find a way to automate this process. I was hoping to script either changes to the file permissions or adding and removing the security group from the domain local group whatever is easiest.


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    Re: Temporarily restricting access to a folder

    From the research I have done it looks like it would be easiest to add and remove the security group via script rather than change permissions. Is this the easiest way or is there something else I should be looking at? Thanks.


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      Re: Temporarily restricting access to a folder

      Sounds like one scheduled task to remove the group and another task later on to add the group might work. Each task would run a different script for the different actions. Assuming you already have the commands mapped out, each script would only need a couple of lines.
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